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Jan 6, 2008Babyprayerscyst still 2 cm...0292
Jan 6, 2008DBELTRANResuming menstruation after weaning....0634
Jan 5, 2008Heaven0605
Jan 4, 2008LauraTTCwaiting to test...1915
Jan 4, 2008Light1st time charting. Had BC Implant removed July 2007....11049
Dec 30, 2007COW2667
Dec 29, 2007BabyDoll0337
Dec 27, 2007Zoeyboo0306
Dec 25, 2007NurseJenny79Three months since thyroidectomy...0835
Dec 24, 2007BevBFN...81392
Dec 17, 2007amyalice0401
Dec 10, 2007Babyprayersovarian cyst down from 10 cm to 2cm, need to get it to 1 cm...0306
Dec 6, 2007Heaven0380
Dec 4, 2007LizasChemical pregnancy. I had not started tempting yet....0307
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