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Apr 23, 2008LisaRI hate morning sickness......833621
Apr 22, 2008WyomingBabyDustWyomingBabyDust Chart!...6736
Apr 20, 2008PrncessThings still feel off. Very light AF this month and then spo...792522
Apr 19, 2008XONORA5Thinking I "O'ed" early, but BD in time. Her's hoping to our...281203
Apr 19, 2008ThinkGirlOh that I might have my request;and that God would grant me...171795
Apr 19, 2008Amy4895
Apr 17, 2008mic24AF came today :( day 17 PO.... on to round 2. I started Clo...311369
Apr 16, 2008JNP1896
Apr 15, 2008CaperChickSecond month charting....0765
Apr 15, 2008Jodiva71TTC Round #3 - AI with known sperm donor; using acupuncture;...91669
Apr 14, 2008countrygrl2629
Apr 14, 2008BabyprayersIVF failed - told not to chart this month...0569
Apr 13, 2008amyalice0649
Apr 13, 2008CheeseladyStopped taking Microgynon on 8th March, 12th May BFP - it ca...131600
Apr 12, 2008sonia19700608
Apr 12, 2008sammieWell this month my temps have been on a high since cd1 till...81069
Apr 11, 2008ThiaTemperature drop = BFN! Well at least in my case....133646
Apr 11, 2008JennyWHere we go again! I'm trying to stay positive, but it is get...371725
Apr 10, 2008YolandaThis is my 1st month with BBT. Can someone take a look my te...71127
Apr 9, 2008tagwhat do you ladys think.......151513
Apr 9, 2008kayleeClomid 100mg cd 3-7. Progesterone levels were 1.2 at cd 21,...182276
Apr 8, 2008mzeman110973
Apr 8, 2008cherrylipsTake a look...2976
Apr 7, 2008Light5th Month TTC, awaiting blood tests & results to check for o...412268
Apr 6, 2008babymorenoBFP!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't wait for hubs to get home!!!...341470
Apr 5, 2008Lizas0631
Apr 5, 2008redsparklerNearing the end of the dreaded TWW! I hope this is the month...251292
Apr 5, 2008EriksAJFirst timer here!...61037
Apr 4, 2008RayshineDarn. AF arrived :(...281112
Apr 3, 2008jennywhiston81003
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