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May 14, 2008scrapperhayley6970
May 12, 2008Badger1st chart for 38yo...0828
May 8, 2008CindylujahTTC #2 I just started thyroid meds for Hashimoto's. DH is a...61179
May 7, 2008tagchart is looking better than last month!!!...261505
May 6, 2008Light6th Month TTC. Short # DPO's in last few cycle so taking vit...131241
May 5, 2008PCOSCysticFibrosis1st time tracking; decided it might be helpful after PCOS di...281143
May 4, 2008SelmaThis month i am going to try OPK and CM and CP if anyone has...422470
May 3, 2008redsparklerAt least my cycles are regular and I can tell I am Oing. DH...301245
May 3, 2008LilineAnother big disappointment. DH bought MACA for us. We're goi...211569
May 3, 2008cda0668
May 3, 2008Raquel121100
May 3, 2008EriksAJHere we go again! :-)...651785
May 2, 2008RayshineStarted Clomid for the first time. 11 months TTC now....391300
May 2, 2008KathleenTrying to get pregnant with PCOS, post pill...0893
May 1, 2008maui623May Chart...1620
May 1, 2008MoHas anyone ever missed their Ovulation Test surge? I got a l...91138
Apr 30, 2008NurseJenny790670
Apr 28, 2008PokeyFirst time charting, have been TTC for 8 months. My husband...11803
Apr 28, 2008ForwardtoFive0585
Apr 27, 2008TTC291251
Apr 26, 2008T3rd chart! opks and MACA...261835
Apr 26, 2008MorleyThis month I have been attempting to check my cervix and CM....10993
Apr 26, 2008agourmetgal2nd Month Charting; 16th Month TTC...201208
Apr 25, 2008sheemt1 yr TTC, 4 rounds of Clomid and just started on Glucophage...0583
Apr 25, 2008tkc0671
Apr 25, 2008NissaLouTrying for a baby... Stopped taking BC June of last year.. s...8963
Apr 24, 2008majestyBiphasic.. Temp drop @ ovulation and @ end of cycle.. Using...0891
Apr 24, 2008mommy2b1st chart after going off of the Nuva Ring....3716
Apr 24, 2008hopingIn the home stretch..........442112
Apr 23, 2008LisaRI hate morning sickness......833621
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