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May 30, 2008Rayshine2WW, AF due 28th. I am hoping now that I did O on CD14 (per...281275
May 29, 2008LizasHad an ultrasound this month because of a large clot I passe...0502
May 29, 2008agourmetgalHere we go again......192158
May 28, 2008hopingI don't think this is my month. :(...642395
May 27, 2008T4th chart with opks, Second month using Maca...351212
May 27, 2008maui623went on vacation may 31st to hawaii which has a 3 hr time di...10857
May 27, 2008PokeyDid 2 test's the weekend and they were both positive!!...763210
May 27, 2008MoPraying hard!...71010
May 26, 2008lizzy48TTC, Can anyone have a look at my chart see what they think...7970
May 25, 2008Nitrika1690
May 25, 2008sheemt0902
May 24, 2008ForwardtoFive0740
May 24, 2008TTC231189
May 24, 2008countrygrl9795
May 24, 2008NissaLouAF has arrived.. this is the last chart for me.. I'll be che...571592
May 24, 2008SchatziGot married Jun 6, 2008. Ovulated (according to MMC) during...15914
May 23, 2008mommy2bOK, 2nd try. Timing of bd will be tricky with dh traveling t...10869
May 22, 2008WyomingBabyDustTTC # 1 after 2 Miscarriages... come on 2009 baby!!...10983
May 21, 2008ThiaLooks like I Oed. Now just to wait out the LONG TWW!...392438
May 20, 2008PrncessBFP!!! 2nd trimester... Keep everyone updated. Good luck to...2126000
May 20, 2008mic242nd round of Clomid... been trying for 2 1/2 years. Need all...161066
May 19, 2008Babyprayers0489
May 16, 2008LScottWe've stopped charting temps for a while; the disappointment...0535
May 16, 2008Yadi11st cycle on clomid CD 5-9. clomid helped my progesterone. I...191426
May 16, 2008XONORA5Well decided to temp after all, but think was late on findin...191070
May 16, 2008amyalice0562
May 14, 2008NikAnnFirst month tracking BBT, Was diagnosed with PCOS and found...141137
May 14, 2008ThinkGirlHere we go again. Second month of maca, B6 and Positive Thin...811783
May 14, 2008scrapperhayley6850
May 14, 2008jinxFourth month of charting, and first month of clomid. DH and...14997
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