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Sep 28, 2008steph9100883
Sep 27, 2008Light11th month TTC. ARRGGGHHHH!!!! Short luteal phase. Dr wont r...271362
Sep 26, 2008babysiegel0586
Sep 25, 2008SandiTAnxiously awaiting...1st month of Clomid & Acupuncture...1834
Sep 25, 2008FawkesI have a feeling AF is on her way. I think its time to set u...591898
Sep 24, 2008prayers08111153
Sep 23, 2008SchatziBFP!!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT STILL!...1093396
Sep 22, 2008azureblue298874
Sep 20, 2008TTC361290
Sep 18, 2008NikAnnI'm pretty sure I am not PG... but this month I will not be...121701
Sep 17, 2008mommy2bAnother month.......9998
Sep 17, 2008SelmaThis has got to be the longest most ridiculous cycle every.....301419
Sep 16, 2008KellyRHere we go again... Not surprising with the back injury, but...101125
Sep 15, 2008BadgerMaca looks like it's working. Lots of EWCM. Fingers crossed...891860
Sep 15, 2008haigusHopefully 3rd times a charm!...131205
Sep 14, 2008maika0774
Sep 14, 2008meridenmary9851
Sep 12, 2008LScottUterine Fibroids have taken over. Surgery comfirmed my worst...241108
Sep 12, 2008ThinkGirlLet me in the BFP chartroom please....891891
Sep 11, 2008Judith01025
Sep 10, 2008jinxThird and last round of clomid this month....221000
Sep 10, 2008jendragIt is confirmed, I am pregnant!!...342626
Sep 9, 2008amyalice4th month of trying . . . and BFN :( so confused by the symp...81149
Sep 9, 2008svlasekSecond month charting for baby number 2 but not going to try...61091
Sep 8, 2008Cindylujahround 3 w/ back 2 back IUI's &100 mg clomid. Chemical....281435
Sep 7, 2008XONORA5On to new cycle. See Dr on 22nd, which is day after I should...721669
Sep 7, 2008MaliaI am just charting for now to see how my cycle behaves.. A b...151067
Sep 6, 2008EriksAJIt's all up to Him......201203
Sep 5, 2008Yadi1The dreaded 2WW!!...601832
Sep 5, 2008Hope4SonStarting another round of CLOMID!...421296
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