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Dec 24, 2008babysterlingpierceoh well here we go again, i was so happy about my temperatur...14900
Dec 23, 2008HappyjaxOn Jan 23rd got my BFP!!...412421
Dec 23, 2008Light14th month TTC. 1st appointment with fertility clinic 8th Ja...16737
Dec 23, 2008Heaven0377
Dec 22, 2008KaleizaFailed another pregnancy test... :'(...441424
Dec 22, 2008babyacheNot going to track anything this month....4505
Dec 20, 2008TTCHere we go again...621647
Dec 20, 2008ThiaI am no Dummy! AF is coming...Darn it all....661443
Dec 19, 2008svlasekNew year, hope it's our year to not only get pregnant but to...8553
Dec 18, 2008FrozenFlame2nd cycle with BBT. This month I'm going to be using B6 to m...21823
Dec 17, 2008Yadi1Temps still over coverline 14 DPO....1192627
Dec 14, 2008ono6660270
Dec 13, 2008EriksAJHope floats.......20760
Dec 12, 2008azureblue29Not really surprised...23707
Dec 12, 2008MaliaUGH... well no more TTC Dh and I are waiting till the end of...1031858
Dec 11, 2008Najo13 months and counting. Not going to temp this month - just...7708
Dec 11, 2008NikshelleFirst chart I have done!!! I hope this will help us out a li...9628
Dec 9, 2008nickBeen trying since Sept. I was hoping to be like EVERYBODY el...4503
Dec 9, 2008Kakes8108Oh well :(...411078
Dec 9, 2008JessicaMaria0467
Dec 9, 2008gersuz7879AF is here! Just had my first 28 day cycle ever! I'm back in...481359
Dec 7, 2008Selmahere we go again... hopefully better luck this time...10730
Dec 7, 2008SchatziMy TTC Vitamin Recipe: MACA, B6, Folic Acid, EPO. Also Takin...471586
Dec 5, 2008geyaThey that wait!!!...13756
Dec 5, 2008BezinkSo last month confirmed that I should have been tracking a l...6684
Dec 5, 2008BadgerChanged the start date of my 'best friend'...35965
Dec 5, 2008FawkesI hope I can O right before my winterbreak. Means I'll have...351152
Dec 4, 2008NutsieI think that my chart is normal.....i guess that I am not ha...9495
Dec 4, 2008eliasjenfirst month of taking temp...3467
Dec 3, 2008amyaliceThink I finally O'd on Day 17 . . . and just in time since h...10687
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