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Jan 18, 2009gracelandgirlNo more pills for us. I guess now we just wait!...171165
Jan 17, 2009EriksAJ231097
Jan 17, 2009Missy20First month charting and on Clomid....1861
Jan 16, 2009ThiaShooting for a day before V-day BFP!...862115
Jan 15, 2009shelley91216
Jan 14, 2009babyacheI was so hopeful this month. You know not charting drove me...241272
Jan 12, 2009MaliaI can not tell you how happy I am to see flow.... Thank you...1082048
Jan 11, 2009Yadi1Spotting again at 12 DPO. what is going on?...1923724
Jan 10, 2009FrozenFlameRest cycle after being very ill last month. I'm still going...51078
Jan 9, 2009fairefaerieA demonstration of how out of control my oral BBT is....0772
Jan 8, 2009Kakes8108Bummer!!!...541793
Jan 8, 2009gersuz7879Waiting, waiting, and waiting. Spotting, cramps, no full per...642051
Jan 7, 2009Babyprayers0762
Jan 7, 2009NajoTemp continues to drop. Guess it's time to start planning fo...281384
Jan 5, 2009Clareccc75Finally after a 48 day cycle! AF has arrived as painful as e...201239
Jan 5, 2009NikshelleI thought last month was it but AF came and she came early!!...51636
Jan 5, 2009418Miscarried @ 7 weeks :(...0980
Jan 5, 2009azureblue29Disappointed that AF arrived after such a great stress-free...121094
Jan 5, 2009geyaAF arrived, I am still ecouraged!!!Cycle 2 charting...51348
Jan 4, 2009Michelelt1923
Jan 4, 2009nickUh oh. Hope this dip is not a bad thing. LOBD & good luck to...261476
Jan 4, 2009tish2561816
Jan 3, 2009amyaliceBFP!!! I cannot believe it!!!! I just cried and cried when I...272708
Dec 31, 2008ono6660742
Dec 30, 2008lyzzardI think AF came early this month :(...151147
Dec 30, 2008dleousis761st month temping. Thought I did everything right! I feel di...231108
Dec 30, 2008LLFirst month charting. 2nd month off BC (nuvaring) and using...111015
Dec 30, 2008steph910The fat lady is warming her voice...421726
Dec 30, 2008BadgerWhat a lovely New Year's Eve present!...381839
Dec 30, 2008NutsieTrying for over 10 years... doctors say all tests were fine....6905
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