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Feb 4, 2009Kakes8108Excited to be in the TWW!...901668
Feb 4, 2009steph910and the fat lady sang......241018
Feb 3, 2009AngelEyes21another failed month...341411
Feb 2, 2009azureblue29Sad to see AF but happy that my DPO reached 15 days last cyc...8592
Jan 31, 2009Babyprayers0285
Jan 31, 2009nickI started taking 100mg of B6 at the start of my cycle so i h...401158
Jan 31, 2009coloradogirlFirst month of charting for me. Hoping new meds and acupunct...15716
Jan 31, 2009Mahoganyluv12619
Jan 30, 2009ono6660316
Jan 30, 2009LL3rd cycle after the pill. Last cycle had only 10-day LP....2659
Jan 30, 2009NikAnnYAAAAAAAAAAAAY finally here...63 days is way to long for me....641630
Jan 29, 2009hutchlikaWaiting to start a new chart after miscarriage on the 18th.....922799
Jan 26, 2009NutsieThere goes another month.....that makes it about 72 months.L...7506
Jan 26, 2009lyzzardBFP on 2/27/09!!!...272504
Jan 26, 2009BadgerCrap.:(...221001
Jan 25, 2009babysterlingpiercelook whos back on top, i new I wasnt pregnant, oh well here...341735
Jan 24, 2009gladbag9529
Jan 23, 2009XONORA5Onto yet another cycle...#21. Last one...expires Feb 20. BAB...1702150
Jan 23, 2009dleousis76Here's to another month! Let's hope this one brings BFP!...13585
Jan 22, 2009SandiTAnother month, another chart!!...34900
Jan 22, 2009anhella28 years old....221007
Jan 21, 2009svlasekMy service expired but I renewed and still not pregnant. Hop...11662
Jan 19, 2009Light15th month TTC. Severe Endo and found during Laparoscopy. Aw...2486
Jan 19, 2009KaleizaNeverending cycle. Trying Preseed, instead softcups, and an...772078
Jan 18, 2009Selmahere we go again. Just got a call from the gyny so i hope i...302448
Jan 18, 2009gracelandgirlNo more pills for us. I guess now we just wait!...17726
Jan 17, 2009Missy20First month charting and on Clomid....1410
Jan 17, 2009EriksAJ23628
Jan 16, 2009ThiaShooting for a day before V-day BFP!...861654
Jan 15, 2009shelley9533
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