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Mar 17, 2009CaperChickTrying charting again to see if I can figure out when I'm ov...1415
Mar 16, 2009steph910I hope you guys saved some Baby Dust for me. Back in the run...11723
Mar 16, 2009gladbagFirst month on clomid this month....6676
Mar 15, 2009Missy20Third month charting and on Clomid....2536
Mar 15, 2009SpiritWolf0288
Mar 14, 2009TiajeanStarted fertility testing. TransVaginal U/S on March 26th....0426
Mar 14, 2009BadgerEarly AF + Flu symptoms :(...26828
Mar 13, 2009dleousis76Clomid round 2. Doing IUI 3/24... found 2 mature follicles!...21934
Mar 13, 2009EriksAJFriday the 13th - haha. Great start date!...46834
Mar 13, 2009Damita0383
Mar 12, 2009geyaWHY LORD!!!!Here we go again, this is last month of tryin na...11973
Mar 12, 20094180383
Mar 12, 2009Clareccc750454
Mar 11, 2009coloradogirlOn CD 64. Really?! Is this some sort of joke?! Called my Dr....161015
Mar 11, 2009HappyjaxThink we got it wrong?...1112259
Mar 11, 2009NikAnnNow onto the 2WW!...1031926
Mar 10, 2009KaleizaUp down up down. Yoyo-ing temps....561207
Mar 9, 2009MaliaWell I am now on a 28 day cycle, great!! IUD seems to work j...2191945
Mar 8, 2009Kakes8108Praise GOD!!! BFP 4/13/09...1884393
Mar 7, 2009ono6660271
Mar 7, 2009babyacheIs this ever going to happen for me?...421042
Mar 6, 2009NajoBack from vacation and no idea when or if I O'ed but the BDi...15816
Mar 6, 20092BAMOMAvg cycle 27 days. TTC. New to charting....15529
Mar 5, 2009Miska0229
Mar 4, 2009JessicaMaria0380
Mar 3, 2009AngelEyes21Im pregnant BFP 4/1/09 "It's a Boy"...743701
Feb 28, 2009katietThis is my first month charting and this is all very new to...4559
Feb 28, 2009ChrissyThis is the first cycle that I am charting, so it's a little...9539
Feb 27, 2009Babyprayers0275
Feb 27, 2009nickStarting to get worried :(...16940
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