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Apr 27, 2009Piglet7720
Apr 27, 2009cdaso my bbt has been up for a week now... what does it mean??...7655
Apr 27, 2009wishingforbaby2581
Apr 26, 2009gooseBFP!!!!...151560
Apr 26, 2009antam2597
Apr 26, 2009babyacheok free trial, I have an appointment with an RE on Friday Ma...6850
Apr 24, 2009loriann978Not quite my turn!...16703
Apr 24, 2009AjsmommyI need help!...6694
Apr 23, 2009Yadi1711712
Apr 23, 2009Rungrl80This is my first month charting. Been off the pill for over...19886
Apr 23, 2009MrsLizaDPThis is our third month trying my first charting. My cycles...11604
Apr 23, 2009Babyprayersacu went on vacation and I stopped going, never made anymore...0420
Apr 23, 2009TMITCHELLBFP!!!...792864
Apr 23, 2009PreBabyPlannerI am just starting to get into charting and hopefully it wil...0462
Apr 23, 2009KaleizaRight on time....211243
Apr 22, 2009gersuz7879Taking a break from TTC due to stress w/FIL....13755
Apr 22, 2009NikAnnOut this time!!!! So frustrating, been trying for a year - h...531573
Apr 20, 2009jenny25uk0467
Apr 19, 2009michele6687miscarried...here we go again.....13857
Apr 19, 2009SMLMy first time charting BBT...3426
Apr 18, 2009maika2836
Apr 18, 2009MrsSullSometimes being at the top is a BAD thing......6754
Apr 17, 2009SumSTAR524WHEN AM I Oing?...2826
Apr 17, 2009jaylingHad a bad fam doc apt basically was told she would send off...2594
Apr 17, 2009MahoganyluvAnother temp rise today but I am still optimistic about this...41076
Apr 17, 2009Twinkles18160639
Apr 16, 2009SandiTBack at the top!!...9717
Apr 16, 2009gladbagBack on top. 2nd month on Clomid(SE's are not as bad this mo...2664
Apr 15, 2009DamitaHelp? i just started spotting and i don't know what that mea...11709
Apr 15, 2009MiskaStay at home mum of a wonderful almost 3 yrs old daughter. D...0622
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