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May 9, 2009hawaiibabeAnother clomid, IUI...71030
May 9, 2009Clareccc75oh well back to the top.....0619
May 8, 2009destinedHoping for a BFP really soon, i have a good feeling about th...3794
May 8, 2009geyaDuke emailed me to set up my account page. Next is to set th...6709
May 8, 2009Esmeralda4983
May 7, 2009Happyjaxone low too many...1052275
May 7, 2009gracelandgirlNot Trying just more for birth control...8762
May 6, 2009418Since the m/c, my period is down from 3-4 days to 1 - 1 1/2...91290
May 6, 2009MrsBeb0648
May 6, 2009mommy2onefornowhelp with determining when I ovulated?...1620
May 6, 2009Trishee5568
May 6, 2009TiajeanDH had a complete rupture of his Quad tendon on March 19th,...14789
May 6, 2009BadgerAF right on time....171073
May 6, 2009mistie21008
May 6, 2009ambi765ttc after 2 miscarriages one in 07 and one in march of 09...1653
May 5, 2009godsweetBack to the top. Please leave message to let me know you see...361112
May 5, 2009CarianneHad my first scan and all is good, M/S still turning my life...732581
May 5, 2009Sidu4570
May 5, 2009minaBeen charting for almost 4mths, we been trying since jan aft...3690
May 4, 2009Light19th month TTC - finally geting to see the endo consultant t...5770
May 4, 2009chiptee0600
May 4, 2009NajoDoing the AF dance! Want this cycle to wrap it up IMMEDIATEL...321031
May 3, 2009tmonee0507
May 3, 2009DTC0435
May 2, 2009JessicaMariaLets see how this goes ... This cycle taking: Mini asprin,...9675
May 1, 2009Selmadid i O? my temp is rising but i can't see a clear o. Blood...11997
Apr 29, 2009svlasekNever thought I would invite AF to just arrive already!...501398
Apr 28, 2009KarenalFirst time charting, just to get to know my cycles having be...5563
Apr 28, 2009txnurse0572
Apr 27, 2009Piglet7708
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