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May 21, 2009lkk72not preggers, maybe next month!...1585
May 21, 2009SMLStarting over... :(...3512
May 21, 2009Babyprayersfirst month away from acu...0337
May 20, 2009maikaI'm having a very smooth upgoing chart but still too early.....9588
May 19, 2009nickI miscarried may 19. I'm going to take some time off from te...15699
May 19, 2009loriann978Month #2...10640
May 18, 2009mandy20040524
May 18, 2009curiousG2WW...Still waiting. Yeah for good LP!...451245
May 18, 2009EriksAJ3364
May 18, 2009KaleizaO'd and temping again... at least until AF shows. :)...781476
May 18, 2009Ajsmommytemp drop...AF must be on the way :-(...6788
May 18, 2009Twinkles18168743
May 17, 2009Yadi1Spotting on 9 DPO. Praying it's not AF this early....491454
May 16, 2009SandiTUp at the top again!...5550
May 16, 2009gladbagThird month on Clomid, preseed and possibly IUI this month,...23938
May 15, 2009Rungrl802nd month charting. 8th month TTC. Used IC but didn't get a...20903
May 15, 2009MrsSullI think after this cycle I am going to stop temping......8579
May 15, 2009michele6687So hoping May is our lucky month! A fresh start after miscar...9699
May 14, 2009steph910Cycle seems to be getting shorter. Off pill for 14 months, p...20761
May 13, 2009DamitaAt the top hopefully better luck this time....8706
May 12, 2009MahoganyluvYet another cycle...4677
May 10, 2009HopfulllittleTEhoping to be Pregnant...31440
May 9, 2009Clareccc75oh well back to the top.....0532
May 9, 2009hawaiibabeAnother clomid, IUI...7875
May 9, 2009CaliGirlHave a short LP and started taking B6 mid-way through this c...3682
May 8, 2009destinedHoping for a BFP really soon, i have a good feeling about th...3698
May 8, 2009Esmeralda4902
May 8, 2009geyaDuke emailed me to set up my account page. Next is to set th...6623
May 7, 2009gracelandgirlNot Trying just more for birth control...8661
May 7, 2009Happyjaxone low too many...1052155
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