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Jul 8, 2009gracelandgirlWoohoo AF...lol...111242
Jul 8, 2009cdahoping for better luck this time :)...11533
Jul 6, 2009TiajeanAugust 1st is our 2 year anniversary of TTC :( I never thoug...71452
Jul 5, 2009hutchlikaIn the 2WW! The longest 2 weeks of our lives!...472661
Jul 3, 2009SelmaI am back but... well I have decided to take a month off tem...91095
Jul 2, 2009Rungrl80Temping vaginally, short luteal phase, spotting before AF. A...131475
Jul 2, 2009PreBabyPlannerChaste berry, raspberry leaf,B-Complex. Well a new month aft...512005
Jul 1, 2009Yadi1Prenatal, metformin and Progesterone Suppositories....952599
Jul 1, 2009Sidu602113
Jun 29, 2009TrisheeHoping this month is it....161194
Jun 29, 2009Light21st Month TTC. Awaiting news on operation for severe endo e...41187
Jun 25, 2009MrsBebNot this cycle. On to the next!!...421822
Jun 24, 2009curiousGFinally O!...662242
Jun 24, 2009minaanytime now, that evil AF will be here. Then here we go agai...291665
Jun 24, 2009PigletDon't understand, no AF symptoms, took a pregnancy test 2 da...41182
Jun 23, 2009AjsmommyTemp is back down...???...371736
Jun 22, 2009Clareccc75I wonder if I shall ever stop bleeding! Had a period, then h...81336
Jun 21, 2009rosey1Pregnant after miscarriage natural age 35...31551
Jun 21, 2009lkk72post Mirena, 2nd cycle ttc...282001
Jun 21, 2009nickSo i have taken a month off from charting and TTC. I think w...412440
Jun 20, 2009wishingforbaby31048
Jun 20, 2009gersuz7879DH and I had long talk and he doesn't want to try right now....121341
Jun 20, 2009Tiffyk1980Second cycle charting before TTC next cycle. So excited. Sec...51349
Jun 19, 2009maika11338
Jun 19, 2009Twinkles1816This whole TTC is starting to get frustrating!...91321
Jun 18, 2009Babyprayers0870
Jun 17, 2009HappyjaxBFP on digital test today. Yay!!...2587153
Jun 16, 2009steph910April baby #3!...1123845
Jun 14, 2009MrsSullLet's keep our fingers crossed for this cycle. Went to the D...101400
Jun 13, 2009CaliGirlNew month and B-complex throughout. Come on luteal phase!...261565
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