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Jan 28, 2010TJ261st AF Since MC 3rd Jan 2010...91604
Jan 27, 2010ERRN01269
Jan 26, 2010Tiajean0916
Jan 22, 2010rikssylcharting to see when my cycle returns to normal...01019
Jan 20, 2010NataKat22709
Jan 17, 2010Light28th Month TTC. See consultant 1st Feb with a view to starti...11407
Jan 16, 2010readyformorefirst cycle after 2nd miscarriage, right on time--let's see...91746
Jan 14, 2010Cluckygoing to concentrate on my health for a while...161909
Jan 13, 20103rdtimemommyanother bfn, here we go again. Feb 1 is a year of trying. st...212306
Jan 13, 2010MrsCTTCAF Due? Temps are dropping am I out??...131742
Jan 13, 2010BabyprayersNew herbs, new weight loss plan...31436
Jan 12, 2010Rungrl80SA#2 scheduled. IUI should be coming soon for us....61375
Jan 11, 2010curiousG"Normal" cycle #3! Thank you metformin!!! :)...222194
Jan 9, 2010KatieVJust started taking Vitex. Hope it works to make my luteal p...381881
Jan 7, 2010ssbd4me01142
Jan 7, 2010MC987TTC #1 5th cycle, praying this is our month...241967
Jan 7, 2010DaynaOn to another cycle. Husband will be out of town during my f...712385
Jan 4, 2010Tiajean0996
Jan 3, 2010TJ2601043
Jan 3, 2010almarkosAnother hopeful month TTC....51885
Jan 2, 2010HopfulllittleTEAF came.....Dr is sending me to an endocrinologist!...172718
Jan 1, 2010NikAnnHappy New Year! Starting once more... but this time DH is ta...41527
Dec 30, 2009DTCNo BFP this month...officially starting over....21708
Dec 30, 2009Clareccc75oh dear.... Clomid not worked again.. come on!! I want a 201...91572
Dec 26, 2009kaylah182nd cycle off BC pill. I need help determining my O date. Pl...131938
Dec 23, 2009rikssylmiscarried on dec 23rd...01007
Dec 22, 2009wantingagirlpraying this is my month! i'm charting temps and bd'ing only...41592
Dec 20, 2009MzluvlyBFN this month awaiting to start taking my fourth round of c...271865
Dec 20, 2009readyformoreMiscarriage: Finally passed the gestational sack on the nigh...102324
Dec 19, 2009BabyprayersDec 2009/ Jan 2010 Cycle - 2 temps noted but not included ha...21299
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