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Oct 14, 2010IrishEyes0578
Oct 14, 2010fimillerfirst month of charting. only got the thermometer half way t...2598
Oct 14, 2010CarianneThink we will be giving trying a miss this cycle. Poor bubba...8925
Oct 14, 2010babykimI have no idea when my ovulation date is.....5788
Oct 11, 2010gorditahermosa3808
Oct 10, 2010amy22First round of clomid on CD 5-9, used clear blue easy monito...32948
Oct 10, 2010MzluvlyMy temps are all over the place and I'm losing it. lol. Supp...351487
Oct 10, 2010BSmith1975Here's to our 2nd cycle of trying for a baby. We didn't get...271826
Oct 9, 2010RebeccaK2nd month TTC for us. We need to conceive quickly so that I...3888
Oct 9, 2010sissistarted on Clomid 50ml this month. temps are all over the pl...161253
Oct 7, 2010MeliBellyWhen do you think I ovulated? CD 13 fertility monitor said "...4942
Oct 7, 2010SkaggsMomma6606
Oct 5, 2010H0PEFULMarried for about a year. Been trying to conceived for about...8939
Oct 4, 2010kaylah189th cycle off BC Pill...91617
Oct 2, 2010pink60schickNot really goin out of our way to try at the minute, still w...5841
Oct 2, 2010babybe2nd month TTC......151378
Oct 2, 2010kenade7835
Oct 2, 2010LMCUK1705
Sep 30, 2010Jen1702This is my last month trying for a baby :-( wish everyone el...1860
Sep 30, 201035smiling0552
Sep 30, 2010tryin4pinkI have been trying 4 months. My BB has not gone back down si...10793
Sep 30, 2010bhd100Had some extremely bad family news on tues, Temps looked so...151135
Sep 30, 2010sperry6609Trying since June this year....151186
Sep 29, 2010KayandJayWaiting... and waiting... and waiting......5701
Sep 28, 2010Neilly11 DPO BFP!!!! I'm so thrilled!!...92740
Sep 26, 2010Latavanesia5687
Sep 26, 2010TonyapWhen will my bbt rise after a + opk? And why is my opk + for...91072
Sep 26, 2010cborn78Here's to a successful month!...161192
Sep 25, 20102SoCalMamas01195
Sep 24, 2010adamsmom6Having DUB stinks...0785
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