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Jan 5, 2011marylynnI am really confused by my temperatures... The positive OPK...201350
Jan 5, 2011babyhopes201101086
Jan 3, 2011AshleyB01027
Jan 1, 2011mommiesomedayTTC and my monthly cycle is all sorts of messed up!!!...2802
Jan 1, 2011sperry6609Happy New Year to all....51212
Jan 1, 2011curiousGI'm back...151540
Dec 31, 2010LMCUK31132
Dec 30, 2010Ready2BMom0743
Dec 29, 201035smilingGot my first positive pregnancy test on a First Response Tes...21355
Dec 26, 2010IrishEyesWell, no Christmas miracle here. Back to square One....261971
Dec 26, 2010MalS0666
Dec 25, 2010BSmith1975Cycle #5: Trying a new method... not taking my temp.... I ne...281601
Dec 25, 2010JanetPlanet0663
Dec 24, 2010momofagaurdianangelMonth #2 on Hormones. So excited my sister in law got me a f...51246
Dec 24, 2010LuWenHappy New Year, come on 2011 BFP's :)...241541
Dec 22, 2010kaylah1851593
Dec 22, 2010ssbd4meThis month Im going to temp and do another cycle of Clomid/P...71374
Dec 21, 2010MzluvlyHappy New Year ladies this is the year for miracles to happe...111589
Dec 20, 2010CynderellaKeep repeating to myself "have patience"! January day 1 wil...51123
Dec 20, 2010OobyDooby30yo, 9 months post contraceptive pill, 9 months ttc - must...211444
Dec 18, 2010Sam26Have had some pretty rough time......0743
Dec 18, 2010hope175Wishing u All a Very Happy New year :)...451861
Dec 17, 2010sissilast try with clomid, then I will try naturally or just wait...251748
Dec 15, 2010ILHopeThis is a trial run of charting before I actually start TTC....181274
Dec 13, 2010cborn78Hoping for a Christmas miracle!...191350
Dec 12, 2010Katie7722Early Ovulation?...2971
Dec 11, 2010lustraeIt's been a couple months since I've been on, and I'm adding...41429
Dec 8, 2010marylynn0745
Dec 7, 2010sperry6609This will be the 7th cycle of TTC. Taking longer than I thou...81092
Dec 7, 2010NicolioakPSOC and no ovulation occured this month....72291
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