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Apr 11, 2011KES22First Chart...0833
Apr 10, 2011asecretgem01423
Apr 10, 2011NvrGaveUpHopeApril 10th to 18th wasn't a true period just miscarriage ble...1828
Apr 9, 2011Sam26Husband will be at home this whole month. Keeping our finger...01068
Apr 8, 2011ILHopeIt is over....512805
Apr 8, 2011BSmith1975Farwell & I hope that everyone on here gets that BFP that yo...141610
Apr 7, 2011denegshift work...0744
Apr 7, 2011marylynnI'm pregnant!...443494
Apr 7, 2011curiousGWhere to Mark O?...221465
Apr 6, 2011MonicaV82Confusing cycle. Currently at day 37 and just got a high, op...141065
Apr 5, 2011clippybeen ttc for almost 7 years. this is my 2nd cycle on trackin...21197
Apr 2, 2011islandbeauty0461
Apr 1, 2011want2bpreggotwo lines??...191450
Apr 1, 2011strugglingmum2bNot much added here as first time of charting....0845
Apr 1, 2011Ready2BMomInducing period with Provera......211597
Mar 31, 2011MalS0765
Mar 29, 2011AmandagrllGoing out of town so good luck to all you TTC ladies who are...261596
Mar 28, 2011HorizonsongSo I'm out :( AF just showed her rotten face......212116
Mar 24, 2011LuWen5th cycle since DH's awesome comeback.. LOL, LOBD to all the...351769
Mar 24, 2011JanetPlanet01071
Mar 22, 2011KTaylorTemp rise 7dpo. I know I'm reading too much into this too so...231682
Mar 21, 2011RebeccaKWas ttc for 2 months but spine probs were bad. had nerve-kil...7942
Mar 21, 2011mommiesomedayLooks like I might not O again this month just like last mon...91234
Mar 20, 2011pink71Yet anoth person who needs help. Can someone out there tell...91085
Mar 20, 2011Hopeful4BFPI am also out of the running for BFP ladies, I think AF has...332146
Mar 17, 2011clippyNo1...0815
Mar 16, 2011Want2BeMommy281704
Mar 16, 2011HopefulHckymomI think I'm out of the running. Temp is dropin', still have...111422
Mar 12, 2011ILHopeThe hope is gone, this cycle ended. I am going to take the n...392008
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