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Feb 18, 2012letsmakeababyDr appt today (3/12) went well! 1st IUI is set for next mont...902049
Feb 17, 2012ssbd4me111079
Feb 17, 2012Ready2BMomBFN...have to take the next cycle off too :( Meet with RE in...111396
Feb 15, 2012stajames251452
Feb 13, 2012ThiaTested Saturday 9DPO ......242758
Feb 13, 2012sassy30hi can anyone tell me if i have ovulated going by my chart?...01721
Feb 8, 2012AnxiouslyTTC1998
Feb 7, 2012JoshsangelJust a over view after having a micarriage....21309
Feb 5, 2012KristynKFirst month of charting after some odd cycles....0819
Feb 4, 2012cborn78101180
Feb 4, 2012TorcorDid I O on CD18 or CD19?...41973
Feb 3, 2012jennylee01093
Feb 1, 2012mou01501
Jan 29, 2012ksteinmetzmonth 2 of being diagnosed with PCOS and taking Metformin an...22041
Jan 26, 2012PennyBananaClomid cycle #5 - going to take it easy this month. Doc kept...802531
Jan 25, 2012reevestx2Here we go again....... Never ending roll coaster :(...41714
Jan 24, 2012R4chelI thought this cycle would never end......311563
Jan 20, 2012WantBabiesTTC after Partial Molar Pregnancy...181174
Jan 19, 2012Ready2BMomBFN :(...121362
Jan 19, 2012letsmakeababyWell, another BFN! Moving on to Month 26 TTC!...451836
Jan 19, 2012stajamesI'M OUT!!! :( Not sure if I can keep doing this every month....301829
Jan 17, 2012ImagineAh well better get back on the horse...!...0897
Jan 16, 2012MrsCompassFirst IUI = BFP (ended in mc)...271591
Jan 12, 2012Amy31537back on the top...31398
Jan 12, 2012AnxiouslyTTC01177
Jan 11, 2012Thiagetting back in action...11005
Jan 8, 2012HopfulllittleTEWe finally Got our BFP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keeping our fingers...266153
Jan 5, 2012jennyleeThis is last month's temp's/chart!...01109
Jan 2, 2012Loloking161231
Dec 29, 2011myladybug32 weeks!! 7 more to go! Cant believe it! Im almost in the h...993953
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