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Feb 11, 2014KRTMy husband and I decided to relax this month. So no clomid b...121765
Feb 6, 2014Gianyconst31881
Feb 6, 2014Blakeley10th month. A November baby will be a nice anniversary prese...463180
Feb 5, 2014soready1Cycle 9 got our bfp.. Took like 10 tests all different kinds...374050
Feb 5, 2014PrayingHopingCould this be our month for an anniversary baby? Nope. Cycl...161940
Feb 1, 2014Babybear1What going on did I ovulate finding charting hard...61429
Feb 1, 2014iwanttobeamummyDid I Ovulate? Hello ladies, I'm new to this. What do you l...42063
Jan 29, 2014amandahugsandkiss01104
Jan 27, 2014AndreaLynnHoping for a birthday surprise this month. Af is due on my b...01474
Jan 26, 2014Ready2BMomTrying for a few months on our own before going to RE. We'll...41591
Jan 25, 2014RANZOM23Not sure whats going on, hoping we can detect when i ovulate...01949
Jan 23, 2014Carynd13Am i ever going to ovulate???? *Sigh*...31710
Jan 22, 2014AHanner2601341
Jan 21, 2014Surfete78Cycle #18. Blood Work and HSG test...442008
Jan 21, 2014asma6th Cycle: I'm pregnant....442911
Jan 21, 2014Babyone1st cycle charting, 4th cycle ttc....61487
Jan 20, 2014RaffHow do I read my chart??...31930
Jan 10, 2014Jeny13#9 cycle ttc...11482
Jan 9, 2014crumpet232811
Jan 8, 2014KRTClomid Cycle #2...01546
Jan 8, 2014Blakeley9th cycle. Using balance activ conceive gel. Might try opks...312274
Jan 7, 2014PrayingHopingStill praying....Cycle 16...still doing progesterone startin...432260
Jan 6, 2014soready1How does a chart look so good and go down hill so fast at th...202462
Jan 4, 2014Gianyconst01204
Dec 29, 2013Ready2BMomCharting before trying for #2. Would love to not need fertil...11406
Dec 29, 2013AndreaLynnHope this is he month :)...11482
Dec 28, 2013mrsurban201101734
Dec 28, 2013RosieD11961
Dec 26, 2013RANZOM23Not sure if i ovulated....01280
Dec 25, 2013Surfete78Clomid cycle #2...442176
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