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MyMonthlyCycles Home Page

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Use MyMonthlyCycles free online interactive tools to track events in your menstrual cycles, including your periods, breast self-exams, dozens of menstrual and premenstrual symptoms (e.g. menstrual cramps, mood changes), peri-menopause symptoms, daily fertility signs, ovulation, daily weight, and more.

MyMonthlyCycles also includes many other free tools: a free menstrual calculator to calculate and predict menstruation; free ovulation calculator calendar to forecast ovulation and your fertile days; menstrual, fertility, and women's health reminders; plus, menstrual cycle history reports, fertility reports, and symptom reports.

MyMonthlyCharts, a free add-on to MyMonthlyCycles, generates menstrual cycle charts, period charts, menstrual symptom charts, PMS charts, peri-menopause symptom charts, and weight charts; Our free enhanced fertility tools provide more ovulation cycle tracking, and free fertility charting and BBT charts.

This page introduces you to the MyMonthlyCycles site, and summarizes the main links on the site.
Home Page - Displays the MyMonthlyCycles Home Page.
Registration - Registration page, where you can become a member of MyMonthlyCycles. Before you can log into MyMonthlyCycles to use many of our free menstrual and fertility tracking and charting tools, you will need to register and create a member account.
Login Page - Available from the top nav bar of the home page and other pages when you are not logged in. Use the login page to login to MyMonthlyCycles using your account member id and password.
Forgot Your Password or Id - Available from login page, use this link if you have forgotten your account password or member id.
Menstrual & Fertility Calendar - Displays the menstrual and fertility tracking calendar, where you can review your monthly menstrual and fertility cycle events for any selected month, or add/change monthly cycle data. Use the calendar to track your periods, menstrual and PMS symptoms, basal body temperature, weight, non-menstrual and mid-cycle spotting, daily journal notes, doctor's appointments, and more. Requires Login.
Tracking Tips Information and tips related to using MyMonthlyCycles menstrual and fertility calendar, including a complete discussion on average menstrual cycle length.
Period Tracker - The period tracker calendar provides a simple way to track each day of your period with just one click! Perfect for tracking your current period, or if you are new to MyMonthlyCycles and want to quickly record your past periods. To track more about your menstrual cycle, use our complete menstrual calendar, outlined just above. Requires Login.
Period Tracker FAQs FAQs for tracking your periods (and other events in your monthly cycle) using MyMonthlyCycles Period Tracker Calendar and Menstrual Cycle Calendar.
PMS Tracker - Track dozens of cycle symptoms related to Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD). Generate PMS symptom diary. PMS symptom charts available using MyMonthlyCharts.
Perimenopause Tracker and Journal - MyMonthlyCycles has a complete set of free interactive tools to track both perimenopause and menopause.
Pregnancy Calendar - Track your pregnancy using MyMonthlyCycles free pregnancy tracker calendar. Track your daily pregnancy symptoms and weight changes, keep a pregnancy journal, add OB/Gyn doctor's appointments. Pregnancy dashboard automatically calculates baby's estimated due date and more. Includes free pregnancy charts: pregnancy weight chart, pregnancy symptom chart. Requires Login.
Pregnancy Calendar and Charts FAQs FAQs for tracking and charting your pregnancy using MyMonthlyCycles Pregnancy Tracker.
Mobile MyMonthlyCycles Tools - Use MyMonthlyCycles on your web-enabled mobile devices and tablets (such as Android, iPad, Galaxy, iPhone): Mobile MyMonthlyCycles Menu [more info].
Menstrual & Fertility Reminders (Remind Me!) - Setup free automated email reminders to alert you about important events in your monthly menstrual cycle: your menstrual period may be late, your period is about to start, schedule your annual gynecologist appointment, perform a breast-self exam, ovulation reminder, fertility reminder, weight reminder, and more. Many reminders can be automatically triggered based on your menstrual tracking history. Requires Login.
Menstrual History Reports (My History) - Review your monthly menstrual cycle and fertility cycle history, using a variety of report formats. Also, view or print the Calendar Markers and Appointments Report, see your period days trend chart, and chart cervical fluid fertility signs, with fertility chart overlay option, bbt chart with overlay option, menstrual cycle chart wheel, weekly and monthly weight chart. Requires Login.
PMS, menstrual cycle, perimenopause charting - Cycle Symptom Daily Chart, Symptom Summary Chart, Symptom Trend Chart. Requires Login.
My Account - Review or change your MyMonthlyCycles account information. Requires Login.
My Preferences - Set your MyMonthlyCycles preferences. Requires Login.
Menstrual Cycle Polls - Here you will find a large selection of monthly cycle related polls.
Member Polls - Polls created by members in a variety of monthly cycle related cateogries: ovulation polls, fertility and conception polls, periods polls, baby name polls, and more.
Cycle Quizzes - Menstrual period and fertility quizzes, with information about the correct answer once you've taken a given quiz.
Menstrual Glossary - A comprehensive glossary with terms and definitions pertaining to menstruation and fertility.
Fertility Abbreviations - Fertility, menstrual, and reproductive health acronyms.
Fertility Charts - Fertility chart which you can print out and use if you are charting your basal body temperature (BBT), cervical fluid, and other fertility signs manually.
All Reminders - Links to all of the free MyMonthlyCycles menstrual, fertility, breast health, and women's health email reminders.
All Calculators - Links to all of the free MyMonthlyCycles menstrual, fertility, pregnancy and weight calculators.
Menstrual Cycle Calculator - Use the menstrual cycle calculator to predict your future menstruation dates, and to see if your menstrual period is late. The menstrual calculator can predict menstrual periods based on your menstrual cycle tracking history (at least 2 menstrual periods must be stored), or you can use Quick Menstrual Calculate where you supply the parameters (last menstrual period date and menstrual cycle length). Requires Login.
Period Calculator, Pregnancy Test Calculator - Use your ovulation date to get a more precise forecast of when yor next period will start and, optionally, time-line when to take home pregnancy tests.
Ovulation Calculator Calendar - Forecasts your approximate ovulation date and fertile days. The ovulation calculator is intended for use by those with regular menstrual cycles.
How the Ovulation Calculator Works Describes how MyMonthlyCycles Ovulation Calendar works.
Ovulation Prediction Tests and Fertility Charting - Information on Ovulation Prediction Kits, Saliva Ferning Microscopes, Fertility Monitors, and the Fertility Awareness Method.
Period and PMS Calculator - Calculate your periods based on varying menstrual cycle lengths and start dates, and include PMS days on your period calendar based on when PMS symptoms usually start prior to your period.
Pregnancy Calculators - Pregnancy Calculator based on last menstrual period (LMP) or conception date, Reverse Pregnancy Calculator and Retro Conception Calculator.
Pregnancy Length Calculator - Calculates actual pregnancy length, compares to estimated due date.
Birthstone Calculator - Calculates birthstone for any birth date, with birthstone chart.
Birth Flower Calculator - Calculates birth flower for any birth date, with birth flower chart.
Zodiac Calculator - Calculates birthday zodiac sign.
Age Calculator - Generates age clock chart based on projected life expectancy.
Generation Calculator - Calculates generation based on birth year or age.
Trying To Conceive Calculator - Calculate time to get pregnant.
Menstrual Planning Calculator - Forecasts if you'll get your period on a date you are planning.
Daily Symptom & Fertility Forecast - Shows your daily cycle forecast, including if today is a fertile day. The symptom calculator forecasts what symptoms might occur today based on your menstrual and PMS symptoms on this cycle day in the past.
BMI Calculator - Body Mass Index Weight Calculator
Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator - Calculates body type based on waist to hip ratio.
Luteal Phase Calculator - Calculate your luteal phase length for any of your menstrual cycles.
Chinese Gender Calculator - Time-out with this entertaining calculator and see if it correctly predicts your gender, your baby's, anyone's! And vote on its accuracy!
Menstrual Period TimeSpan Calculator - Calculates approximately how many periods have you've had, and how many more you might get (factoring in pregnancy) from now until menopause.
Trying to Conceive Time Calculator - Calculate how long you've been trying to conceive, both time-wise and in cycles, and optionally project total conception time.
Is My Period Late Calculator - Check if your period is late, and, if late, how late.
Next Menstrual Period, Pregnancy Test Calculator - More precise forecast of when your next period will start, based on when you ovulated; optionally, timelines when to take home pregnancy tests.
Baby Planner By Zodiac - See conception dates for any zodiac sign.
Baby Name Finder, Trends, Charts:
Period & Fertility Store - Shop for period products and fertility products in MyMonthlyCycles online store.
Related Links - Links to external web sites containing information related to menstruation and women's health.
Online Tour - Provides a tour of MyMonthlyCycles.
CycleViews(tm) - Share your cycle views on a wide variety of monthly cycles topics, including fertility and conception, pregnancy tests, birth control, feminine protection and menstrual cycle issues. Requires login to post CycleViews.
Fertility Chart Room - View fertility charts, basal body temperature charts. Find BBT charts matching fertility and ovulation cycle signs tagged by chart owners.
MyMonthlyCycles Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Several FAQs for using MyMonthlyCycles menstrual/fertility and period calendar, including how to track monthly cycle events, PMS and perimenopause symptoms.
Perimenopause Journaling - Keep an ongoing, detailed peri-menopause symptom tracking journal, including hot flash diary and night sweats log.
MyMonthlyCharts - Provides free graphical menstrual cycle charts, period charts, menstrual cycle symptom charts, PMS symptom charting, peri-menopause symptom charting, weight charts. Requires Login

Charts available in MyMonthlyCharts

  • Menstrual Cycle Chart & Report
  • Menstrual Chart - Traditional View
  • Menstrual Flow Trend Chart
  • Menstrual Cycle Symptoms (Levels) Chart (PMS Symptom Diary)
  • Menstrual Symptoms Comparison Chart
  • Weight Chart & Analysis Report
  • Printable Menstrual Cycle Period Notepads
Enhanced Fertility Charting Requires Login
  • Basal Body Temperature Chart
  • Fertility Activity Chart & Fertility Journal Report
  • Night Table Fertility Notepads
  • Fertility Cycle Phases Report
  • Fertility Cycle Phase (luteal phase and follicular phase) Length Comparison Chart
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