Chinese Gender Calculator

Based on the ancient chinese gender calendar, predicts gender based on mother's age at conception and month of conception. Calculate baby's gender, yours, anyone's and then take poll and vote if gender correct!

Chinese Gender Calculator

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Predicting a baby's gender is certainly nothing new! As legend goes, thousands of years ago the Chinese developed a gender calendar to predict a baby's sex. Buried during the Ming Dynasty in a royal tomb and recently exhumed, some say it's over 90% accurate, while others (that'd be the naysayers) call it a coin flip. Now, true, there's no scientific evidence to support its efficacy, but it's really lots of fun!

See if the Chinese Gender Calculator correctly predicted you or your children's gender, or anyone's for that matter. Then take our poll, and let others know how accurate the Chinese Gender Calculator was for you!

This gender caclulator is provided for entertainment purposes only. You should not rely on it to predict the gender of your baby, or anyone else's baby!