Account Support

Not receiving our emails?

Used forgot password, but didn't receive an email with the new password? Then used our Contact Us form to let us know, but didn't receive a response? Read on...


  1. When you use forgot password, a new password is generated and sent out from our server immediately. When it's actually delivered to you is in the hands of your email provider. In tests we run with the larger providers, we see delivery under a minute, up to 5 to 15 minutes (occasionally longer).

  2. If you contact us that you are not receiving the forgot password email, we can assist you after account verification. To verify, we will send you an email in response to yours. Therefore, if you have contacted us and do not receive this email back from us within a day or so, the problem is with your email. More below...

Why is your email not delivering?

More than likely there's a block, which you may have explicitly put on, or which resulted from filtering you may have done in the past. For example, you may have setup reminders that you no longer wanted and rather than using our reminder OPT out options (on Remind Me), you told your email provider not to deliver anymore. That could have resulted in our email being placed on your blocked list and now nothing is now getting through.

If this is the situation, you likely can easily resolve. Below is how to do so you if use Yahoo mail. Other email providers should have similar mechanisms (Replace S for * in the following):

  1. Login to your Yahoo email account.

  2. Find and select Mail Options.

  3. Go to the *PAM page.

  4. Go to the Blocked Email Addresses
    Note: If you click on the help [?] icon, you will see it says: "Email from blocked addresses is automatically deleted before it gets to you, and the sender isn't told that the message wasn't delivered." And that kinda *UCKS because neither you nor we know about this.

  5. Scroll the list and remove all entries for

  6. Once this is done, use forgot password again. Just once. Remember, it's sent out instantly.

Still Not Receiving Our Email?

If you've removed us from your blocked list (or didn't find us there) and you are still not receiving forgot password, or any other email from us:

  1. Contact your email provider, and/or consult their FAQs, to find out how they can assist you in receiving your email.

  2. Contact Us again and in the comments field, provide us with an additional email where we can contact you. Make absolutely sure that the email field on our Contact Us form is the email associated with your account so we can cross reference. We will respond by cc'ing the additional email you've provided in the comments.

A few other points...

  • Always use our Contact Us form to get in touch with us. Replying to an email you received from us will not be seen.

  • Each time you use forgot password, a new pasword is sent out to you, and your previous password will no longer work. So, even if you un-earth an old password that used to work, it became invalid the second you used forgot password.