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Track and Chart Perimenopause, Perimenopause Journal
MyMonthlyCycles offers a complete set of free interactive tools to track both perimenopause and menopause.

MyMonthlyCycles Perimenopause / Menopause Tracking Tools
Our menstrual period tracking calendar is an excellent tool to track perimenopause! The calendar always shows you what cycle day you are on, based on the start date of your last period. Consequently, if your periods are changing due to perimenopause, you can easily track and see your menstrual cycle changes:
  • Are your periods getting longer or shorter? Simply track your periods each month, and easily view how long each period lasted on your menstrual cycle tracking calendar.

  • Are your periods getting heavier or lighter? Track flow levels when you track your period. Plus, use the feminine protection tracker (available from the menstrual calendar) to also guage flow changes.

  • Are your menstrual cycles becoming irregular? Easily view how long each cycle is directly on your menstrual cycle calendar (or period calendar).
Counter to Menopause
In addition, the cycle day counter for your current menstrual cycle will show you if you are nearing menopause. One year without a menstrual period defines menopause. MyMonthlyCycles provides an automatic menopause counter via its cycle day counter on the menstrual tracking calendar:

NOTE: If your period is later than usual, always talk with your doctor. If your doctor suspects you are nearing menopause, you can monitor how long you have gone without your period with MyMonthlyCycles menstrual cycle tracker.

See Rebecca's Story, sidebar, and how MyMonthlyCycles Counter to Menopause helped her during perimenopause!

Track Perimenopause Symptoms, Perimenopause Journal
Use MyMonthlyCycles perimenopause symptom tracker to track hot flashes, night sweats, if your sleep patterns are changing, palpitations and more. This is in additional to the dozens of menstrual cycle symptoms you can track using MyMonthlyCycles's menstrual cycle tracker.

Journal your hot flashes and night sweats using the menstrual cycle tracker. Keep a log of hot flashes and night sweats whenever they occur.

Tracking and journaling your perimenopausal symptoms can be extremely helpful to monitor your menopausal changes. You'll easily be able to look back over your symptoms to determine if they are occurring more or less frequently, and more or less severely, particularly if your symptoms subside for several months and then return. Run the perimenopause symptom history report and perimenopause journal report at any time.

All of the perimenopause tools discussed up to this point are completely Free. Not a member? Sign Up Now! Member? Login Now!

Perimenopause / Menopause Symptom Charting
Another extremely useful set of perimenopause tools is MyMonthlyCharts, which has free menstrual cycle charts, including cycle and peri-menopause symptom charts.

MyMonthlyCharts instantly charts your periods, menstrual cycles, and symptoms, an outstanding way for you -- and your doctor -- to view your peri-menopausal cycle changes:
  • Menstrual Cycle Chart - these charts concisely show if and how your periods and menstrual cycles are changing during perimenopause. See how long each period/cycle is, and how it deviates from your average cycle.

  • Perimenopause Symptom Charts - view your menopausal symptom charts to detect if there's a pattern to your hot flashes, sleep changes, etc.

    Perimenopause is a several year transition, during which your symptoms may occur frequently and in full force, then abate for weeks/months, only to return again. Knowing your past peri-menopause patterns is helpful to know what to expect if these symptoms return.

  • View how your perimenopause symptoms, like hot flashes and night sweats, are changing. Several symptom pattern charts are provided to compare your menopausal symptoms over time periods.

  • See if your weight is being affected by perimenopause.
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Peri-menopause Tickers
Create your count-down to menopause ticker!
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What is Menopause? Menopause is the time in a woman's life when menstruation permanently stops. More specifically, a woman is said to be in menopause when she has not had her period for 1 full year*. The average age for menopause in the USA is 51. Menopause occurs due to the decrease in production of estrogen and progesterone by the ovaries.

What is Perimenopause? Menopause is sometimes referred to as the "change of life". But much of these changes occur during perimenopause, the transitional years leading up to menopause. Perimenopause can begin as early as one's late thirties. During perimenopause, both periods and menstrual cycles can change, fertility decreases, and a variety of symptoms, including hot flashes and night sweats, can occur.
*Does not include women who are pregnant, lactating, or using birth control pills that stop menstruation.

Rebecca's Countdown to Menopause
Rebecca, a MyMonthlyCycles member, thought she was well on her way to menopause! Everyday, she watched her cycle day counter increase on her MyMonthlyCycles menstrual calendar. After going 207 days without a period, she was sure it was just a matter of a few more months.

And then, on cycle day 208, her not so favorite Auntie paid her a visit. And her period kept coming back, albeit fairly irregularly (from 24 to 36 days, where previously her cycle was 26-28 days) for the next year. And then her counter started increasing again, past cycle day 207, and this time her menopause counter went to day 365, and Rebecca was officially in menopause.

Of course, Rebecca consulted her OB/Gyn throughout these changing cycles and was re-assured that this was perfectly normal.
Menopause can be a great change, and a fantastic time of life! Imagine! No more periods...
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