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Feminine Protection Usage

What was the first type of feminine protection you used - pads, tampons, menstrual cup? Do you still use the same feminine protection, or did you switch completely - when, why?

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Posted by: Stacy on Feb 6, 2007
Feminine Protection Usage

Pads, tampons???

The first thing I ever used was these diaper sized pads my dad bought me when I first got my period. Shortly after that I switched to tampons. I still use pads on my heavier days along with a tampon in case it leaks a little. But I'm through with those diapers, hahaha...

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Posted by: normajean on Feb 1, 2007
Feminine Protection Usage

Cups are the far

Like most people I started out using pads. It was what my mom and older sister used. After a few years of suffering, I had had enough. I decided to try out tampons. I loved them! I used them for years until recently when I decided to try out the cup. It took me a few tries to get completely comfortable with them. They are the best! Nowadays I use a combination of all these. At night I tend to use pads the most. During the day I use the cup or tampons whatever Im in the mood for. =]

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Posted by: Vickiti on Jan 31, 2007
Feminine Protection Usage

Cups Rule!

My first encounter was with pads...the sort that attached to an elasticated belt!!!
My Mother didn't think much of these "new fangled" stick on ones and said they weren't safe enough. I was only just 11 so I just did as I was told and used the belt. I put up with it for a few months and then rebelled and bought the stick on type.
They were horribly bulky and horrid though.
I switched to a tampon the following year but never got on with the applicator ones and preferred the simpler liletts ones.
I stuck with those untill after my two lads were born (age 16 & 17 now!) but tampons never felt quite right after that due to a slight prolapse of the womb - so I went back to towels.
Luckily I found them a lot better than they used to be, and nowadays better still :)

I had always had erratic periods, no regular pattern to them at all but finally about 4 years ago they settled down into a vague pattern. I then discovered this site to help me keep track of dates, (there was no point while they were erratic!) and through this site I discovered the menstrual cup.

Wow!! Why did nobody tell me about them before! They are wonderful! I have saved lots of money and they are comfier than tampons and just as discrete. I am very heavy for 1st couple of days and it has never not coped. It took me a couple of months to be confident about insertion, but now no problems. I wish I had found them years ago and I am now telling all my friends about them.

If you haven't taken the plunge and tried yet, do so! :)

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Posted by: Debbier on Jan 30, 2007
Feminine Protection Usage

Protection - first pads, now tampons

When I first started my periods at around 11/12, I used pads,. My Mum gave me some Lillet tampons to try but I couldn't get on with them at all. The stress they caused was intolerable.

It later transpired that the tampons I'd been bought were without an applicator (I didn't have a clue at that time) and it wasn't until my sister started her period and got on fine with tampons that I realised why she did and I didn't!

I now use tampons and nothing else.

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Posted by: tmowifey on Jan 28, 2007
Feminine Protection Usage

What I use

The first thing i used were pads, but now that i have gotten older and i am not a virgin anymore i have decided to make a switch to tampons. i used tampons now because they are more comfortable than pads. But sometimes i do where pads but not as much as i used to.

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Posted by: sophieby on Jan 28, 2007
Feminine Protection Usage

Tried nearly everything!

When I first got my period, I used tampons straight away, and they were fine, especially compared to how pads used to be years ago, (like having a rustly mattress in your pants, and they didn't stick very well, so you always felt a little insecure), although, as my periods have always been heavy, sometimes I wore a back up pad.

I then discovered a menstrual cup, which i find far more convenient,and more comfortable than tampons, as you can't run out like you can with tampons, and also of course, it's far more environmentally friendly. Also better for swimming which i love to do to keep fit.

However, as I have got older, my periods have become more and more painful, and on the heaviest days I often find that it is far too painful to wear any kind of internal protection and since pads have become so much better with the invention of "wings" and how much thinner they are, i find this preferable.

I have never seen cloth pads, and have no idea where to buy them, but i certainly would as they would also be more environmentally friendly.

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