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I'm Pregnant!
When you found out you were pregnant, how long did you wait until you told dad-to-be? How did you tell him and was he the first person you told? Did everyone react as you expected?
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I'm Pregnant!
Have been trying for seven months and started the bbt thing this month. My temp has stayed high after 18 days. I am 2 days late and the pregnance test this morning was positive. we are so excited, my

3year old wants a little baby so bad. my husband and I don't want to tell anyone yet b/c of a misscarraige 2 years ago. So excited.

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I'm Pregnant!
pregnant but paranoid
just found out a couple of weeks ago that im pregnant, am 6 weeks now. we had been ttc for 7 months after an an embryonic mscarriage at 11 weeks in feb. thought i would be happy once i was pregnant but im not, just paranoid that this pregnancy will end the same way. considering paying privately for an early scan but not sure..... anyone had similar situation? x
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I'm Pregnant!
Here comes Baby number 3!!!!
I can't believe it. I'm pregnant!!! Only just found out today and waiting for new baby's daddy to caome home from work so that I can tell him he's going to be a daddy for the third time. We have only been trying for 2 months and I thought it would take a lot longer as it took 5 months with our first and 7 months with our second. I wasn't expecting this to be the month either as the whole family have had a sickness bug at some point over the last few weeks. I didn't even think i was late until I realised I was eating an awful lot of beetroot and thought I should check. Oh no I've just had that thought every mum gets at some point. Baby got in there and at some point in the near future baby has to come out. Maybe I should save the surprise of wanting a home birth for a couple of days....just until he's used to the idea of adding another child to the chaos.
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I'm Pregnant!
After 2+ years of trying and 3 miscarriages (all within the 1st month), I'm pregnant and this time I think it's sticking. I'm just over a month now and have my first doctor appt this morning. I'm super nervous but excited at the same time.

I haven't told anyone yet, especially not my husband. The last time was really hard on him and he's already going through a lot at work right now. Very high stress situation for him, so no point in adding to it until I know for sure what's going on.

He works outside so I bought him a toque (sp?) that says "Daddy" on it. The day I am ready to tell him, I plan on putting it in the sleeve of his jacket so when he goes to put it on, he'll pull it out. Can't wait to see his face... :)

Still though... yay! I'm sooooo crossing my fingers that this holds.

Wish me luck ladies. :) And good luck to all of you.


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I'm Pregnant!
I'm finally pregnant!
DH and I have been ttc for 7 months. Tuesday I took a hpt and I got a very very faint line. I was excited but didnt say anything to hubby. The next morning I took another one and it was a bit darker so I woke him up and asked him if he saw what I saw. He did! I went for a blood test that day and the nurse just called me at 12:07 pm to tell me I was pregnant!! I was shaking. I couldnt believe it! I am 36 and this is our first baby. I just really hope and pray it sticks. It has been such a long and frustrating 7 months. The funny thing is that we just met with a fertility specialist 2 weeks ago and I was waiting to get

my period so I could schedule the hsg test to check my tubes and hubby had an appt for next week for a semen anyalysis. I am so relieved we dont need to go now. We have tried a lot of new things the past 3 months so Im not sure what did the trick but let me share with you. In October I started acupuncture--2x per week, I started taking Vitex/Chasteberry and Vitamin B6, I got a clearblue easy fertility monitor and we started using preseed. Baby Dust to all of you !!!!

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I'm Pregnant!
I had given up and......
WOW, wouldn't you know, the month I "gave up" trying is the month it finally happened!!! It was kind of strange....I was at work and it was delivery day. I just had that "gut feeling" so I went and picked up a few cheapie tests at Walmart and took one at work..... I wasn't about to start packing heavy boxes just in case so I figured I would test for the heck of it. And voila!! I had a faint BFP come up at 9dpo!! I called one of my coworkers into the office just to make sure my eyes weren't decieving me lol, so I called my hubby up because I just couldn't wait until we were face to face to tell him. After a miscarriage in March this was VERY happy news! Well I have taken 7 tests in all (yes I know, I just can't believe it though!!!), even a digital which popped up "pregnant" in less than a minute, and I am now officially "late" :) Baby ? is due around 7.27.09 and hubby does NOT want to find out the sex of this one either.... we already have a 3yo daughter who we didn't find the sex out for either!
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